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Garland Jeffreys on Bob Dylan

From a 2010 Interview on Belgian Radio:

Interviewer:  When did you first hear Bob Dylan?

Garland Jeffreys:  I probably heard him in 1962 or 1963.  That was when I first began hearing the acoustic records that he made, you know.  One of the songs I liked was Ramona (sings a verse).  I love that song you know and I love that period.  I mean, I’m a BIG Dylan fan.  He’s my favorite artist.  So I like just about everything he’s done, especially the first 6, 8, 10 albums, were remarkable.  Absolutely remarkable.

Interviewer:  You’ve chosen electric Dylan now, from Highway 61 Revisited [Like a Rolling Stone].  He was the angry young man, a lot of people, folk people, thought he was a traitor when he recorded that.

Garland Jeffreys:  Yes, the folks, including Pete Seeger, didn’t like the fact he was doing that.  But he was an individual. He let everybody know right then and there, you’re not going to f–k with me, I’m going to do what I want.  Everybody is very thankful today – maybe a couple of folk guys are still grumbling and crying in their corner, but we like all that electricity that he gave us.

From a 2002 interview with Diane Wilkes (read entire interview here):

I was transfixed by Dylan, his music and the sound of his voice and the incredible words. He’s my Number One artist; he’s just the master. Those first ten albums he did had a tremendous impact on me; I listened to them constantly–they were the work of a magician.

Garland Jeffreys performs She Belongs To Me (written by Bob Dylan)

Garland Jeffreys (w/ Gabriel Gordon on guitar) at The Ritz Theater – Minneapolis, MN on 1/20/2012. 


From the Ebony Hillbillies’ album “Barefoot and Flying” 2011

Hello to all,

Like everybody else I’ve been a great Bob Dylan fan since he came on the scene in the early 1960’s. I was asked by my friend Richard Alderman to listen to a couple of songs he had in mind for a new album he was producing for The Ebony Hillbillies. What a great name for a band I thought! One of the song choices for the new EH album was BUCKETS OF RAIN. They asked me would I sing it as a favor and I said yes and jumped in with both feet. Now it just so happens that Bob Dylan’s Birthday is comin’ up soon like next week (May 24), and I’ll be headlining a don’t miss Happy Birthday Bob Dylan Tribute concert that takes place at Mexicali Live on that day. And of course I’ll be singing BUCKETS OF RAIN (as well as other Dylan classics). Now don’t miss the Ebony Hillbillies new album, The Bob Dylan Concert, and a cool version of BUCKETS…

Very best to all,

Garland Jeffreys

May 23, 2011


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