True Confessions

Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys

 From the album Escape Artist (1981)


I think of you periodically

Underneath those city lights

Do you ever think of me

In the midst of sleepless nights

I think of you from time to time

You could always make me laugh, ha, ha

Baby you’re still on my mind

I still have your photograph


True confession

True confession

True confession


I think of you on winter nights

Underneath the quarter moon

Kisses tender, in the night

From my Parisian hotel room

I think of you and what you said

And then I go out onto the streets

You keep rollin’ around my head

Like a magnum that repeats


True confession


Passing slowly home from work

People think I’m in a dream

Passing slowly down the block

Breathing out the winter steam

Put the key inside the lock

Taking off my leather gloves

Hear the tick-tock of the clock

Darling you’re my, my one,

my one true love


True confession

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