Ship of Fools 

Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys

From the album American Boy & Girl (1979).  Remake on the album Truth Serum (2013).


I’m sailin’ away

On the ship of fools

In this cafe

I’m gonna’ sing the blues

Some folks say that I’m here for them

That I’m here for you

But I’m here for me

And that’s true


On the ship of fools


My friends they lied

Behind my back

New ones come

I’m so confused

My mind’s made up

I won’t compromise

I’m all mixed up

And my eyes can’t see the truth


On the ship of fools


I know I’ve been here once before

Gonna’ see that ship again

From whence I don’t know when

I’m caught up here again


On the ship of fools


I may be right and I may be wrong

But right or wrong

You can bet that I’m gonna’ be

Strong, strong, strong


On the ship of fools

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