Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys

From the album Garland Jeffreys (1973)


 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You’re bound to find a bad one in the bunch

Don’t put all your kegs in one casket

The undertaker’s gonna beat you to the punch



Mind what you do

It’ll come right back to you

Mind what you say (oh)

Honey chile you gonna be better off that way


Don’t put all your faith in one leader

Ah that leader he’s gonna take you out to lunch

Don’t put all your dimes in one meter

The meter maid’s gonna beat you to the punch


Repeat Chorus


Siftin’ sand and drinkin’ brew

Won’t harm you

Ya better watch out for the

Man who’s on your right

Oh he’s dressed in blue, he

looks like you and he’s on you

He’s the undertaker’s brother in the night


Repeat Chorus


Do the egg now

over easy

Like ’em greasy

Sunnyside with you


Copyright 1972 by Sheepshead Bay Music

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