Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys

 From the album Escape Artist (1981)

Alternate version on the EP Escapades (1981)


Garland Jeffreys Christine Epic

You caught my eye

When you came into view

I met you on some New York City avenue

I liked your smile

Your style and your grace

Your sexy walk could light up anyplace

You said to me

You just came in from Paris

I said to you

I’d like to get to know you

You said to me

I’m shy and a bit embarrassed

I said to you

There are some things I want to show you

Christine, Christine


I soon found out

It was more than fascination

I soon found out

She was much more than a cheap imitation

I held her hand

We got closer

Felt like a man

And not some kind of poseur

Yes it’s true she just came in from Paris

Her French perfume I got to know it better

She talked of love and poetry and marriage

Then I discovered that love letter

Christine, Christine


She caught my eye

When she came into view

I met her on a New York avenue

I liked her smile

Her style and her grace

Her sexy walk could light up anyplace

She said to me

She must go back to Paris

I said to her

Please don’t you do it to me

She said to me

I got another boyfriend

I said to her

Why the hell didn’t you tell me

Christine, Christine

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