Bound To Get Ahead Someday

Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys

From the album Garland Jeffreys (1973)


Rust on the rail

Nowhere to go

Dust on the trail

You got yourself a heavy load

didn’t get no sleep

In a mess too deep

Keep countin’ sheep

Throw ’em back on the heap



You’re bound, I say you’re bound

Yes you’re bound to get ahead someday


Week’s on the way

I didn’t get no pay

Man is on the station line

He say “no work today” (heh, heh, heh)

just pass it by

Don’t even try

Get on your knees

and think

and scratch your little head

and wonder wonder why



You’re bound, yes you’re bound

I say you’re bound to get ahead someday


Oo Mama dear

I wish that you were here

I got myself in trouble deep

None too very clear

always on the run

with my work undone

I stay up nights

my head so tight

Life’s just begun



You’re bound yes you’re bound

you’re bound to get ahead


You’re bound

to get ahead someday, oh, oh


Copyright 1972 by Sheepshead Bay Music

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