Ballad of Me

Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys

From the album Garland Jeffreys (1973)

 Oh what can I say?

It happened that way

I’m a freak in the family

Like a newborn child

With a frozen smile

I’m a jester emotionally

In the night, yeah

I dream of you

The sweetest dream

Of just we two

Holding each other

Only thirteen

Like a hawk in the night

I separate wrong from right

I’m a legend you see

Black and white as can be

And I give you this ballad of me

But in my way

I wish to say

I’m still afraid

Of all my friends

And mystery

of unknown things

And lifeline hands

And Scorpio

And old Mojo

And sidewalk queens

And rooftop fiends

Oh, whoa, whoa


Copyright 1972 by Sheepshead Bay Music

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