Liner Notes by Joe Camilleri

From the liner notes by Joe Camilleri for the compilation album, “Wild in the Streets (Best of 1977-1983)” released on Raven Records 2002 (

MY FIRST GARLAND JEFFREYS’ RECORD was American Boy & Girl; it came at me with all cylinders firing.  Matador, Ship of Fools just floored me, I must have played that disc a thousand times.  I recently rediscovered Matador for The Revelators second CD.

Wasn’t long before I came across the outstanding Ghost Writer and One-Eyed Jack albums.  I May Not Be Your Kind, Wild in the Streets, New York Skyline and many more of his songs I got to know inside out and was driving most of my friends crazy or insane:  ‘Man, dig this’, ‘Dig that’, ‘What a singer!’

GARLAND music was the tonic I needed.  I loved everything about it:  the mix of rock, reggae, jazz and Spanish, his voice coming through my jukebox was the sweetest silkiest sound.  Wonderful melodies with the best players around – Steve Gadd, Michael and Randy Brecker, and stacks more who brought the soul and rhythm of the city – it call came alive in GARLAND songs.

At the time I was in a band called Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons doing what can only be described as pop reggae with the sweat of R&B.  Soon as I heard GARLAND music I knew I was always going to be attracted to it.  Looking back now I can honestly say his music gave me the inspiration you sometimes need to keep pushing on.

In my mind GARLAND JEFFREYS is one of the best singers on this planet.

—Joe Camilleri – The Black Sorrows

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