The King of In Between

Garland Jeffreys – The King of In Between

2011, Luna Park Records

Garland Jeffreys - The King of In Between

Track Title Time
1 Coney Island Winter 3:47
2 I’m Alive 4:01
3 Streetwise 4:46
4 The Contortionist 3:51
5 All Around the World 4:36
6 ’til John Lee Hooker Calls Me 3:59
7 Love Is Not a Cliche 3:27
8 Rock and Roll Music 2:53
9 The Beautiful Truth 4:02
10 Roller Coaster Town 3:04
11 In God’s Waiting Room 3:50
12 Rock On 3:17

Released on Luna Park Records June 7, 2011 (U.S. Version). Available on CD, vinyl album and mp3s.

Produced by Garland Jeffreys and Larry Campbell

Coney Island Winter produced by Garland Jeffreys and Mark Bosch

Bonus track production and all instruments by Joe Mennona

All songs mixed by Roy Cicala at S.A. Plant Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil Assistant mix engineer: Mauricio Ruiz

Coney Island Winter and Love Is Not a Cliché
Mixed by Rich Pagano at New Calcutta Recordings
Engineer: Rich Lamb

I’m Alive
Mixed by Jonathan Shakhovskoy at Olympic Studios, London
Overdubs by Mark Dann with Rich Lamb at Mark Dann

Brooklyn Studios
Engineer: Ben Liscio
One East Recording
Engineer: Yohei Goto
New Calcutta Recordings
Engineer: Rich Lamb
Avatar Studios
Engineer: Dave O’Donnell

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Executive Producer: Claire Jeffreys
Social Media Director: Doug Webb
Front cover photo: Anton Corbijn
Back cover photo: Martin Katz
Booklet photo: Danny Clinch
CD Design: William Nollman

Special thanks: Roy Cicala, Alan Freedman, Lou Reed, Antoine de Caunes, Anton Corbijn, Greg Calbi, Shore Fire Media, Frances Mas, Ray DiGiuseppe, Tony Gardner, Ray Wiltshire, Jr. and Cecelia Abrams

Dedicated to Claire and Savannah

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