Don’t Call Me Buckwheat

Garland Jeffreys – Don’t Call Me Buckwheat

1992, RCA

Garland Jeffreys Don't Call Me Buckwheat

Track Title Composer Time
1 Moonshine in the Cornfield Jeffreys, Garland 1:03
2 Welcome to the World Jeffreys, Garland 4:07
3 Don’t Call Me Buckwheat Jeffreys, Garland 4:19
4 Color Line Jeffreys, Garland 4:14
5 Hail Hail Rock ‘N’ Roll Jeffreys, Garland 3:52
6 I Was Afraid of Malcolm Jeffreys, Garland 4:26
7 Bottle of Love Jeffreys, Garland 3:55
8 The Answer Jeffreys, Garland 4:42
9 Racial Repertoire Jeffreys, Garland 4:55
10 Spanish Blood Jeffreys, Garland 4:26
11 Lonelyville Jeffreys, Garland 4:43
12 Murder Jubilee Jeffreys, Garland 3:57
13 I’m Not A Know It All Buddy Kaye / Fred Spielman 2:54

Released on RCA on March 24, 1992

Running time:  51:43

Album Review:

After almost ten years away from recording, New York’s Garland Jeffreys — best known for his 1977 album Ghost Writer — has made a remarkable return with Don’t Call Me Buckwheat. Jeffreys spent most of the time off coming to terms with his mixed-race background, and this thematically consistent disc could easily serve as a primer on the complexity of race relations in North America. Set mostly to pop-reggae rhythms — but with hints of Latin, doo-wop and hip-hop as well — songs like “Welcome to the World,” “Color Line,” “Racial Repertoire,” and “Spanish Blood” bubble engagingly. Overall, Buckwheat offers much food for thought set in a musical recipe that makes the potent message easy to swallow.
~ Roch Parisien, All Music Guide

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