American Boy & Girl

Garland Jeffreys

1979, A&M Records

Garland Jeffreys American Boy & Girl

Track Title Time
1 Living For Me 4:19
2 Bad Dream 2:44
3 City Kids 5:12
4 American Boy & Girl 3:52
5 Matador 4:38
6 Night Of Living Dead 4:43
7 Bring Back The Love 3:28
8 Ship Of Fools 3:00
9 Shoot The Moonlight Out 3:23
10 If Mao Could See Me Now 5:09

One Response to “American Boy & Girl

  • Wow
    I have not heard this since 79/80.
    My friends older sister bought it.
    I could still remember all the words to City Kids, Matador and Ship of fools.
    The album made a huge impression on me as a teenager.
    Growing up in New Zealand the multiracial cover was my street.
    The lyrics of City Kids freaked me out about how tough life was in big cities.

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